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Why Selling More Homes Doesn't Always Feel as Good as You Imagined it Would

The size of your bank account, the number of deals you’ve done, the scale of your real estate team, and the type of car you drive — these are the measures of success in real estate, right?

For a long time, my answer to this question would have been a resounding yes. I mean, who doesn’t like money and the nice things money can buy?

Ironically, it wasn’t until I’d achieved many of the milestones the conventional real estate model associates with success that I realized something was still missing?

The Conventional Catch-22

It was only after a few short years of selling real estate that I noticed my time starting to evaporate, my overhead increasing, and my inability to do almost anything without being attached to my phone.

Despite the increasing stress, I believed once I achieved a certain level of success and sold enough homes, the stress would fade away. Except it didn’t.

This is what I call the catch-22 of the conventional real estate model.

What you don’t realize when you set out to exclusively sell more homes, build a bigger team and expand your infrastructure is that your overheads increase, and your time, along with your freedom, diminishes.

What keeps the whole thing going? Simple. You sell more houses.

So What’s Wrong with the Conventional Model of Real Estate?

The problem with the conventional real estate model isn’t so much about what it focuses on; it’s about what it neglects.

Here are a few things you might genuinely care about that the conventional model of real estate does not place at the top of the priority list:

  • Your time and freedom

  • Working on your business as opposed to in your business

  • Getting off the sales transaction treadmill

  • Your health and overall well-being

  • Building an exit strategy for the future

  • Relationships with the people you care about such as your spouse or children.

Like anyone else, I appreciate nice things, and I’m grateful for the life I’ve achieved by excelling at real estate and earning a high level of success in the industry. Yet, one of the most valuable things I’ve learned through this experience is that you can build a successful real estate business without compromising your health and well-being or losing your life in the process.

What Seems Impossible today, Start Creating Tomorrow.

Does some of what I’m saying feel impossible right now? I get it. I felt that way the first time I heard there might be a way of doing things differently that didn’t involve me working 14-hr days, tied 24/7 to my technology.

The key to getting started is understanding that by adopting new systems and changing the real estate business model, you also change the limits of what is possible.

eXp Realty is a revolutionary brokerage changing the real estate game for clients - and agents. Unlike traditional brokerages, where the sole focus is on selling houses, eXp offers agents three potential income streams agents can use to diversify their business income.

This doesn’t mean success doesn’t take hard work. It does mean that the model hasn’t set you up for failure.

If you work hard at it and are willing to commit, you can create a successful business, an exit strategy for the future, and free up more time to spend on what matters most to you.

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